Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ruby White Tips 'P Wagon'...

  Welcome to my first review! I have been hearing so many great reviews about Ruby White Tips & now I finally have my own! I was lucky enough to win the February Nail Art Challenge from Erica's Nails And More and for the prize, I picked out P Wagon (a.k.a. Pussy Wagon). Thank you so much Erica & RWT! Now, on to the review!...

  Okay, so this polish caught my eye because of the beautiful duo chrome & its diversity! The photos on the Etsy site are so pretty so I just HAD to try this baby out! The shipping was super fast so before I knew it, I had the polish in my hands! Of course I had to hurry & test it out on my thumb. I was surprised to see it only needed one coat, but with me being me, I added the second coat just to be safe! So, on to the pictures!...

  First, this is P. Wagon inside my house. It has a sheer purple-ish color to it in the shadow with the beautiful gold, pink & orange duo chrome! It is such an elegant polish by itself. Also, it will match anything you wear! This is something that I love to see in a polish!

  Now when you walk outside on a sunny day, you have a brand new polish. Your nails lighten up as a solid but the duo chrome 'Pops'. Your gold, orange & pink turn almost neon! I will definitely be naming this my 'Beach Polish' because it is beautiful & bright like the beach!

  I saw pictures of P. Wagon by itself & on top of black but was curious to see what it looked like over other colors so I got creative! I grabbed some neon polishes & went to work. I used The green Julep Mystery Color, Spoiled Plastic Flamingo, Spoiled Dream On, Julep Claire & Orly Glowstick & added 2 thin coats of P Wagon. It toned them down & gave them an almost pearly silver tint with the pink duo chrome. This is sooo beautiful! I automatically thought of Easter eggs. I am totally going to wear these colors for Easter!

  I am so glad I finally got to try Ruby White Tips, I am now an addict in the making. I can't wait to try out more RWT polishes, expect to see more RWT reviews very soon! Also, I want to add that my pictures & the pictures on the website do not do this polish justice at all. This is definitely one of those polishes you have to see in person to fully grasp how breathtakingly beautiful it is. If you have been wanting to try any Ruby White Tips polishes, don't hesitate! I bet you will fall just as deep in love as I have! If you would like to see updates, new polishes or anything else that's going on in the world of RWT, please stop by the Facebook page and say Hi!


  1. I love this polish. Fyi, if you have Max Factor Fantasy Fire (or any other unicorn pee), put a coat or two over me, it's awesome!

    1. Ooooh! I'm going to have to try that! I am dying for CameoColoursLacquers. Unicorn Farts! That is, if she ever makes any more.

  2. TAG!! You're it!! I have tagged you for the Versatile Blogger Award!! Here is my post where you have been tagged...