Thursday, March 6, 2014

Seven And Parker My Bloody Valentine Review

Hey, I have been saving the best for last! The last review from Seven And Parker is the amazing My Bloody Valentine. I wish I could wear this polish forever! 

 Okay, so obviously amazing doesn't touch this polish. It has so many flawless elements to it! 

For starters, this polish is a dark, black-ish jelly base with a dark gunmetal/charcoal holographic. It also has red microglitter and what looks to be also holographic microglitters. It is stunning. 

 I just love how you have the amazing glitters when you are indoors but add flash or walk out in the sun & there are holographic rainbows! 

 Something that really caught me off-guard is that most jellies are so thin. But believe it or not, My Bloody Valentine took only one coat! It takes a lot for me to say that too because I am one of those people who adds the 2nd 'just to be sure' but it was not needed at all!

The other surprise is most jellies can take so long to dry but this dried faster, more like a cream polish! It also was not glossy but not textured. I really liked it without a top coat! 

 After it dried, I added one thick coat of the Smoothing Top Coat which is all it needed. 

 Of course the dry time was superb! As expected.

 I do feel like the top coat ever-so-slightly dulled the holo but it is so slight, most would never notice the difference! 

 I adore these red glitters! Don't you think they added the perfect touch?

I am absolutely thrilled to finally have some Seven And Parker in my stash now. Especially My Bloody Valentine I have enjoyed them so much & will continue to do so! I already have a wishlist going! Don't tell my husband! lol

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Seven And Parker Frozen Review

Hello! I am back after a hectic few days with another awesome Seven And Parker review. This is Frozen! This one surprised me! 

At First, this polish looked like a frosty, minty green with the same flawless glitter indoors which is absolutely stunning but then I put it on & added flash! 

 Look at those beautiful rainbows. Frozen is jam-packed with holo & who doesn't love that?

I have never owned a frosty green holographic like this so I am so thrilled to have it in my collection now. I am head over heels.

Just so you know, this is without a top coat. The formula is smooth, it took 2 thin coats & the dry time was great. I expected this though! 

 Here I added the Glass Shine Top Coat and with just one coat, it really does shine like glass.

This top coat is becoming a fast favorite because it works so well & the dry time is fantastic.

                               I even think it makes the holo stand out even more! 

 I definitely love these new additions & I am sure I will be running out of the Glass Shine Top Coat soon enough & will be back to Seven And Parker to get more! If you would like your very own, you can purchase Frozen <--- here! Also, I am aware the label says Spring Green but it was soon after re-named Frozen. Hope you enjoyed!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Seven And Parker - Wrecking Ball Review

Hey everyone! I'm baaaack! I have so much to do but I am starting with these amazing polishes! This one is Wrecking Ball! This polish, actually all of the polishes I received from Seven And Parker are to die for. I literally squealed with each one I unwrapped....

 Wow, so where do I start? This is 2 coats by itself with no top coat. This baby is jam packed with glitter of all sizes & colors PLUS holographic!

Wrecking Ball has so much sparkle it will make you melt!

  Usually glitters can be chunky & uneven so I was very surprised at how easy to apply this polish was. It went on flawlessly! 

I just love how the contrast between the gunmetal & the rainbow of color works so well together, the mix is genius! 

 Here I added the Smoothing Top Coat. It only took 2 coats to completely even out the glitter for a glassy look. 

 The dry time was definitely something to brag about since I have used other polishes for 'hungry glitter' where some were great but others seemed to never dry.

 I will be using this top coat a lot in the future! Just look at the shine! 

I am so in love with Wrecking Ball and the Smoothing Top Coat! I am even more thrilled with finally getting my first taste of Seven And Parker! Please check website to see these & the other crazy-beautiful polishes. I know I have a wishlist going! Be on the look-out for a few more awesome reviews from this supreme indie brand!

Sunday, January 5, 2014


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  Hey everyone! Just a quick update. I know I have been MIA but my computer is a complete goner now so I will not be able to do much until I can get a new one by the end of the month. Thank you to my followers & indie makers for understanding. I feel horrible! On Christmas Eve, my (already crappy) computer's screen snapped & came unhinged, the part of the keyboard that connects the top to the bottom split in half, electrocuted me & the driver which connects it to the internet is completely shot. Boo... I'm using R's computer right now & will try to get whatever I can done on it but it is his work computer so I'm limited.

  Hope everyone had a great holiday! Family came from LA & we all had a blast! I also won the beautiful gecko from my earlier post! I can't wait to get her!!!