Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dance Legend Llarowe Exclusive No. 15 Review

So, I got lots of nail mail yesterday & the first polish to go on my nails was Dance Legend's Llarowe Exclusive No. 15. This is a color changing aka 'thermal' polish. This is my first ever so of course I wanted it bad! I was lucky enough to snag it in a swap & knew immediately I wanted to add a review. 

First off, I love the bottle, it is so original! It has such a cute design & the handle makes it so much easier to hold steady when painting your nails. 

 My first thoughts were that it was pretty thick but once I started to apply it, I realized it was a good thick. It spread extremely easily & was very smooth/creamy. I only needed 2 coats like with the OPI sands which is great. The dry time was average (still a good thing). Also, when it came to touch-up time, I was very surprised at how easily the excess on my fingers came off. I have never seen a polish work so well with cleanup which is a huge factor for me! 

 Here is a close-up so you can see the sandy texture. I knew it had a little glitter but from looking at photos, I didn't realize how much. This has quite a bit of glitter in different sizes & pink shimmer. It is very beautiful.
 As soon as the polish dried I hurried to get a bowl of ice water to change it purple. Being the kid I am, I had such a blast between the ice & the warm water! 

I love the perfect grape color it turns! It makes me think of Fun-Dip! I love my Fun-Dip! lol  

Here you can see the tips at a slightly cooler temp. I love any type of gradient & this is definitely the trouble-free way to get it! 

I am so glad I was finally able to try Dance Legend Llarowe Exclusive No. 15. If you would like some of your own, please check out Llarowe's Facebook Page and let them know I sent you there. They update constantly with news, restock info & giveaways!  

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