Friday, October 25, 2013

Ruby White Tips Roadie America's Sweetheart for Review

Wow! It has been a crazy week! I'm finally back to share my joint review to my Elise's Pink Hair Post. Today I'm sharing a very special cause with you from Ruby White Tips. Please meet Roadie America's Sweetheart. This is for a sweet little guy who holds his own place in my heart. I will be sharing his story but first to the review.

 Okay, so this polish is a lighter, more subtle color inside but I just couldn't capture it on my camera. I got sort-of irritated (with my camera) till I went out & to my surprise, it was this bright purple! Yay! Look at that perfect grape color, I am a huge grape fan... Like I want a lipstick this exact color!

 Look how absolutely adorable this bottle is too. The purple jewels are lovely but the bat is what really got me. I may put it on a necklace so I can be reminded of Roadie every day. I adore this look.

 I also have to say this formula is amazing! Like Elise's Pink Hair, the application was so easy. It was smooth, not streaky at all, only took 2 coats & dried really fast. I couldn't be more satisfied!

I wanted to use a reverse design to my Elise's Pink Hair review & it went together just as well in reverse! I love it! They are the perfect pair!

Here is a close-up, the 2 spots on my middle were bubbles. I shook instead of rolling before I used it... Bad Elise! 

Now, on to Roadie's story (as told by Amanda). Beware...I cried like a baby! 

Meet Roadie....

"Roadie was first spotted a at our wild sanctuary in July of 2005, high on the rafters, during baby season. He appeared to be about one week old. One tiny wing was severely damaged, perhaps during birth. It had broken and then healed into a crooked position leaving his delicate fingers frozen in place like a fan that splayed from one side of his body. He would never be able to fly and once he was weaned he would not survive. Worse, he was forced to drag his splayed fingers beside him rather than tuck them into a normal position under his body. They could easily become caught between the rocks as he crawled around. His only chance of survival was captivity. We tried desperately to get hold of him but he was just out of our grasp. For three weeks we searched for him but he had apparently disappeared into the recesses of the large stone walls of the wild sanctuary. Then we spotted him once more. He was almost full grown. Again, he ducked out of our reach and our attempts to rescue him failed. His time was running out. Soon his mother would wean him. Without being able to fly and catch insects he would slowly starve. Two more weeks passed and we had no choice but to give him up for dead.
About a week later a knock came at the back door of Bat World. A merchant had found a bat in the parking lot of their building; crawling slowly across the hot Texas pavement. As we looked into the paper cup containing the small bat we were amazed to see the unmistakable fanned wing of the little bat we had tried so anxiously to rescue from the rafters. He had been found two blocks from the wild sanctuary. Unable to fly he crawled, searching for refuge, needing to be helped. He had made his way over blistering, hot pavement and across a three-lane highway—braving traffic, stray cats, raccoon's and rats. The merchant thought the little bat was dying and had brought him to Bat World so we could end his suffering. He was indeed dying. He was in respiratory distress, his little legs swollen, his disabled wing burned and necrotic from the hot pavement. With each breath came a gasp as his dehydrated body struggled for air. But he did not give up. He blinked his beautiful little eyes as the medication and fluids took hold and eased his labored breathing.

The following day he was able to lift his head and accept food. Unfortunately, his wing had to be amputated to save his life. Roadie persevered, however, and soon learned to climb and walk across surfaces just as well as an uninjured bat.

This intelligent little creature knew what he required was not to be found at the wild sanctuary. He set out on his journey to find what he needed, never losing hope. Roadie is a exceptional example of why we should never give up, despite the odds." Taken from ADOPT A BAT

Are you crying? Do you see why I care so much for this little guy? He is the real Batman in my opinion.

If you would like to help this little guy or another little bat from you can either adopt one or go to the Batworld Sanctuary Collection & pick out your favorite polish/polishes because 50% of the proceeds from the polishes go to Amanda in helping care for these amazing creatures. 

If it weren't for people who cared, animals like this would never have a chance in life. Thank you so much to Laura, Vanessa & Amanda for everything you do! I love you all for it!  

Please don't forget to check out my Elise's Pink Hair Review!

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