Friday, October 25, 2013

How To Protect A Broken Nail

Everyone has had that 'NOOOOOOO!!!' moment where they have a cracked a nail. Not only are you dreading the pain of a deep crack but if you have long nails, you are dreading having to trim them all & having to start over.

Although you will have to trim those beautiful nails down, you can avoid the pain by using a simple & quick trick. All you need is a base/bonding coat, tea bag & scissors! 

 Here is my recent crack. It was a sad...sad day...

Another pic. I wanted to cry! Then I remember a trick I read...somewhere... & decided to give it a try.

First you start with a tea bag...Yes, a tea bag. Take the staple out & empty the contents wherever you want. Confetti crossed through my mind but I remembered what a mess it is & restrained myself.

Get your scissors & cut out a small piece of the bag just big enough to cover about 1/2 the width & most of the length of your nail. 

Get your base/bonding coat & apply it to the nail then press the piece of tea bag on it while the polish is still wet. 

Apply another coat & viola! You are done & your nail is more secured to prevent it from cracking more. 
I paint my nails almost daily so I had to re-do it lots of times. Thank goodness it is easy & only takes a second. You can also wear polish over it & if it is smoothed out enough, you can't even tell it is there! I was able to grow my nail out enough to trim it with no pain! 

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