Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ruby Whit Tips - Elise's Pink Hair Review

Wootie-Woot!...Its here! I have been waiting for this! Me & Laura from Ruby White Tips were brainstorming on some polishes & she decided to name one after my pink hair! How funny is that!? Needless to say I have been super antsy to get this in. Thank you Laura for sending me these polishes! Here goes!

 I love how the bottles are decorated! They have such an elegant shape & then they have jewels added to them, each one (at last that I have seen) is different. I'm in love with this idea!

The second bottle here has pearls which is perfect because my mom wanted one & she is a pearl nut!

 Bam! How pretty is that!? This is with only 2 thick coats too. It came out super even & dried really fast! P.S. The bump n the pinkie is a tiny air bubble & is entirely my fault! lol

I still can't get over how perfectly this actually matched my hair color! The color was bublegum pink which is obviously this exact color! 

 I am so in love with this color, it is probably my favorite RWT polish yet...Not only because of the name, but because of the quality!

Yes...I took a ton of pictures...I like all the pics so I couldn't decide which ones to post & decided all of them was a good choice! 

Here you can see how even it spread, it was the perfect consistency & had no streaks in it. Sa-weeeet!

 Along with Elise's Pink Hair I also received Roadie (named for very special bat you will learn about in my Roadie Review). I decided to play a little bit & came up with this design. The 2 colors go perfectly together!

I was so impressed with Elise's Pink Hair. I just keep falling deeper & deeper in love with Ruby White Tips with every polish I try. This has to be my favorite nail polish brand ever! Not just for the polish but for the business & customer service. If you have ever talked to either Laura or Vanessa, you would understand why! 

Please be sure to check out my Roadie Review too!


  1. I've never heard of Ruby White Tips before but oh my god, I am so in love with Roadie! Elise's Pink Hair is so gorgeous too! Ugh, so in love with those two polishes!

    1. Oh man, you are missing out! I LOVE them! I will tag you when I post my Roadie review tonight. Roadie is a great polish & based off a special little bat.