Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October Julep Box Review

Hey! I'm so excited for this post. This very well may be my favorite Julep box ever! Warning! This post has lots of pictures! I selected the It Girl box because the colors were all so beautiful. The It Girl box always comes with 3 polishes. So, to feed my addiction, I usually choose It Girl.

 Yay! From left to right: 
Missy - Titanium Metallic
Ciara - Vampy Magenta With Teal Microglitter
Kendra - Army Green Frost
Casper - Glow-In-The-Dark Shimmer
I loved the card that read 'Don't Ask Permission' -Joan Jett (lets face it, she is amazing!). The candy corn is also great because I am a candy corn addict. (How did they know!?) I have hidden my candy corn out of the reach of my crazy children! Hehe!...To the polishes!

First I tried Missy...

I absolutely love this! It is such a beautiful silver, it went on evenly & dried super fast. This is a great polish for sure, except for when I woke up in the morning to see a couple chips :(  
So this isn't the long lasting type (like the suedes) but it is a great choice for something short term. It is stunningly beautiful, it just doesn't last as long as I had hoped. 

Next I tried Kendra...

This is such an amazing forest green! It was super smooth to apply & this will be such a beautiful Christmas color! It makes me think of a frosty wreathe! I can't wait to wear this longer! It is a keeper for sure!

The last in my It Girl box was Ciara....

I have to say this is the most astonishing Julep polish I have ever seen! That is saying a lot because I have lots of amazing ones! Ciara has the microglitter which makes it almost impossible to describe or take photos of but I can tell you, it felt like a sin to remove it. I wanted to cry! lol It has the magenta in it but depending on the light & angles, it shines purple or teal & the teal can take on a greenish to a bluish tint. The only way I can describe it is by comparing it to an a-England polish which is saying a lot. If you have any desire to get this polish but are at all hesitant, just get it & I can guarantee you will love it! 

Now for Casper...

This is a sheer shimmer so it can be used over just about any polish & not only make it beautiful, but it will also make it glow in the dark! Eeek! My inner kid LOVES anything glow in the dark & this makes 8(?) glow in the dark polishes I have. This is in my top 2 favorites & only because I sometimes like a fully clear glow in the dark polish. I love Casper though. In the photos I have 3 coats on. It isn't completely opaque but it is dern close! 

Okay, so my camera hates that I wanted to take glow in the dark pictures but I still did it! Just ignore the blurriness. Casper glows a bright green & really makes me think of Halloween! Probably my favorite holiday! 

And then I started playing! Beware! Total awesomeness ahead!...

I had a bright idea & decided to add Glitter Gal - Light As A Feather on top of Casper & BAM! Look at that crazy awesome color! This turned out so beautiful I absolutely kept it on! It is totally drool-worthy!

If you would like to check any of these polishes out or would like to try Julep for the first time for free, please check it out here! Use code FREEMAVEN or FREEBOX You will not regret it. I joined over a year ago & I am a complete addict! Best of all, Julep polishes are 4-free! 

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