Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Darling Diva Polish Black Opal Review

Yay! Time for part 3 of my Darling Diva reviews. This is Black Opal. I am not very much into black polish but this is definitely an exception! I have a feeling I will never be disappointed by this brand! Just like before, I took photos inside & outside...

 When inside, Black Opal is less 'showy' with micro-glitter & color shifting flakies. A LOT of them. 

 My first thoughts were 'My goodness, this would be perfect for Galaxy nails!' Would it not!?

 Of course the application was simple. Only 3 coats for me which is amazing compared to most jellies I have tried. The dry time is super fast just as Rose Opal was. I am still in awe over that part! There were barely any 'stray' flakies either! Wow! I also couldn't believe how easy clean-up was! You would think it was hard because of the black but it was truly a breeze!

Outside the colors are so much more vibrant! Everything seems to reflect in this polish! 

 The flakies take on all colors, they lean toward blue & green most but that is not the limit! I just love how the micro-glitter sparkles too!

'Once upon a time. In a galaxy far, far away'....hehe! You know you were thinking it!

Sorry for the glare on these photos, my polish was super shiny & reflective. I used Ruby Whit Tips Glitter Helper & Julep Freedom on top (in case you were wondering). 

I am so blown away by Darling Diva Polish. Like, I really need them all... The quality is unreal. If you haven't tried this lovely indie brand, you are seriously missing out! I am so grateful for having the chance to review these beauties! Please make sure to stop by & give Darling Diva Polish some love!

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  1. This is a cool colour, I like the blue shimmer to it!