Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ruby White Tips Santa Barf Custom Review

Sooo...What happens when you are being goofy, gross & thinking about the upcoming holidays? Santa Barf! Seriously though, It all started with this smiley....

Yep...I went there... So that got me & Laura from Ruby White Tips going on gross holiday polish colors & then along came the Santa Barf idea. We then started brainstorming what Santa Barf would look like. We figured brown polish & brown glitters! He does eat lots of chocolate & cookies, after all! She wouldn't let me see the results till I got it in the mail but hey, I love surprises!!! So here it is! 

Introducing Santa Barf! EEEEK!!!

It looks just as awesome as I imagined! I just love the muddy brown! I know, I'm odd but this just made my day! 

Here you can see more of the glitter. This polish is full of copper microglitter & bar glitter! 

Santa Barf is actually darker, more like in this photo. My flash brought out the gray/muddy color more when I was trying to get the glitter to show better. Wootie-woot! This polish rocks my socks freaking off!

I had other polishes from this order & one I was super excited to try so I added a thick coat of Hail To The Holo over it!.... 

BOOM!!! Look at that holo! I just love it over Santa Barf! I do want to add, you just need a thin coat to make your nails super holo like this but I wanted to make is more opaque & it looks amazing! Stay tuned for the Hail To The Holo review! It will be a pic heavy one for sure! 

I love my custom so much, I just can't get enough Ruby White Tips polishes! I have yet to be disappointed! Thank you so much again Laura & Vanessa for the amazing work you do for your fans! 


  1. oh my gosh! love it! she needs to make it &  sell it in her store!

  2. For sure! It is such a great color, the par glitters didn't curl at all & it went on like butter. It is a great polish!

  3. It will be out for the 1 year Anniversary tomorrow!!!!

  4. So you are going to release it!? Woo-hoo! I'm so friggin excited for the anniversary too!!!