Monday, November 25, 2013

Darling Diva Polish Rose Opal Review

Hello! I want to introduce you to Rose Opal by Darling Diva Polish. This lovely color has so much going on but makes for a very classy addition to my ever growing polish collection. Not many bright or darker rose/fuchsia colors can be classy but funky at the same time but this lady can! 

Rose Opal is a beautiful rose/fuchsia jelly that's packed with micro-glitter & all kinds of shifting flakies! 

The first 2 photos are of her inside. You can see the beauty of Rose Opal inside as well as outside (a great quality). 

I love how the micro-glitter seems to come out more inside, giving it a more classy look (for you working ladies). It gives off a strikingly beautiful but subtle appearance. 

Outside, in the other hand...Yeah, this polish comes alive!

The flakies start to reflect & the micro-glitter starts sparkling & you have a real eye-catcher! 

I am amazed at how many flakies are in this polish! There is a ton! Not only that but they shift so many colors. Green, purple, blue, pink, etc. It is truly amazing!

I really wish I could have captured the real beauty in this polish. Not only is it breathtaking but the formula is by far the best jelly formula I have ever seen. I tried 3 & even 4 coats with ease. 
I have never been a jelly fan because they seem to take FOREVER to dry, even with a fast drying top coat. Not with this one! I could have done with no top coat at all, seriously! It dried super fast. 
Best of all, the flakies gave me no problem at all. I expected a few stubborn pieces, seeing the amount that is in the polish but they went on incredibly smooth. The only stubborn flakies were on the tips of my nails but that is what a file is for. 
Overall, I am astonished at this polish & dream to own the whole collection one day. I am so happy I was sent Rose Opal to try out! Please be on the lookout for my review of Black Opal too! 

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