Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ruby White Tips Winter Chill Review

Hello, sorry it took so long. We had a family emergency but everything is okay now! I would like to share a new polish from Ruby White Tips It is called Winter Chill. It is an amazing glitter for sure & perfect for the holidays! Here we go! 

First off, this baby is FULL of glitter. Like, all kinds of glitter! Winter Chill has small blue metallic glitter, teeentsy weeentsy micro glitter & best of all, fish scale glitter. Color shifting fish scale glitter! *faints*

Here you can see the fish scale glitter, all of them are shifting different colors but they are the same. Did I mention I love fish scale glitter? lol

I also love the RWT sticker. I think it is the cutest logo in the world. Also, doesn't Winter Chill look great over Nubar Absolute? 

I liked this so much I decided to try a gradient....

Yay! Isn't it beautiful! I think it makes a fantastic winter gradient. I also want to say, I used the Glitter Helper 'super shine' top coat on top. I am loving the turnout!

I have to add, those are not bubbles in the polish (the tiny spots), that is the micro glitter! lol These are both such great formulas.

I'm sure you can guess what I did next...

 BOOM! You bet I went there! I love my Hail To The Holo

Look at it. LOOK AT IT!!!! 

 I couldn't decide what photo to post because they all turned out so beautiful. I am such a rainbow child. 

Don't the 2 polishes go so well with each other (actually 3 of you include the Glitter Helper)? I'm so happy with this polish! 

Please swing by the Ruby White Tips Page and wish them happy anniversary. They just had their one year anniversary! I can't wait to see what is to come!


    I am sooo in love with Hail to the Halo!!
    Your nails look amaze!

    1. Thank you so much! I just had to cut them short due to the break (from my tutorial). You will see in my post tomorrow. Yes, I can't get enough of Hail To The Holo for sure!

  2. The gradient WITH the holo is AMAZING. How do you get it to look so smooth? Tips, tricks?
    I have natural nails and they very from very long to very shot (depending on how well I want to type) and am just getting into the indie, cruelty free polish market.
    Thanks for turning me onto RWT!
    Great pics.

    1. I have natural nails too. My nails were horrible till I started to use Formula 2. I use the RWT Glitter Helper. It is a different formula than normal top coats so it 'feeds' the 'thirsty' glitter & gives it a smooth coat versus the bumpy coat. I am also in love with my Julep Freedom top coat. It dries any polish within 5 minutes and gives it that gel (glass-like) look. I can not live without the 3 products for sure!
      I have quickly fallen in love with indies & NEVER use products from companies who support animal testing. It makes me sad.
      I hope you get to try RWT soon, I treasure them ore than any other brand, even more than my Enchanteds.
      Please let me know if you ever need tips, have questions, ideas, etc. You cam message me on my Facebook page at any time <3

  3. Elise these are great, I love both and that you gave two option for look. And what a great polish!

  4. Thank you! I love it! I also loved the fish scale glitter so much I got a custom with nothing but the fish scale glitter! lol