Friday, November 22, 2013

Darling Diva Polish Green Diamond Review

Yay! I finally got my first Darling Diva Polishes! A have been waiting to try this brand for so long & they were totally worth the wait. I had no real idea what I was getting & I just love surprises. I kid you not, I was talking to my friend Meredith (Obscenely Blue) about how bad I needed to find a good holographic green when my husband dropped my package in my lap. I opened it up to see this stunning new green holographic. TOTALLY made my day & how perfect was that timing!? Well here is the perfect beauty I have been waiting for! Pssst...Carrie, you are psychic!

Isn't she beautiful! This diamond for sure belongs in my treasure box! I love that perfect candy apple green. Like, right on the dot!

I actually had to re-do my first nail because it dried so fast & I messed it up. This is by all means, not a complaint. It is a miracle! You have to apply it fast & it dries fast. 

This is also one of the creamiest formulas I have ever seen. Not trying to sound weird but I stared at the formula in awe like the crazy person I am. Best of all, it is a one-coater! WOW! 

Another great quality is that it dries with a matte-like coat. This is a soft holo but it is the perfect amount! Between the holo & matte, Green Diamond looks like pure velvet. It's absolutely stunning! I could not stop staring at my nails. 

I  put a clear coat & went outside to take photos but as you can tell, no matter where you go, this baby is equally stunning! Any complaints?  None Whatsoever!

Thank you Carrie for introducing me toy your wonderful Darling Diva Polishes. I am in love with Green Diamond & I am now a huge fan, you have some amazing talent & I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Stay tuned for 2 more beauties from this amazing indie brand!